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Color of the Week: Caribe

A richly saturated blue with hints of green, Behr Caribe can make any room feel like a tropical destination. We love it incorporated all over the room, or used as an accent with bright white to make it pop (and how great are those ombre stairs?). 




What You Can Make with Left Over Egg Yolks! (recipesssss)

Many of us feel very guilty when we have a recipe that calls for egg whites but not egg yolks. So what to do with all the left over egg yolks? get rid of them??? nooooo….. One of my lovely followers today asked me for some help with this issue, It’s not the first time I’ve been asked this question and usually I refer them to a custard recipe…

But look at what I found today! It’s a list of recipes you can make with all those left over egg yolks!!! Whether you have 1 to 8 extra egg yolks, here you’ll find a recipe that requires whatever egg yolks you have left! :::phew:: what a relief! :D


Homemade Marshmallows Recipes


Mini Fruit Pancakes Tutorial 


Matcha Truffles Tutorial



DIY Jam Labels!

OMG this free, and they have beer labels too for those of us who make homemade beer.


Frosting Pastry Bag Tips by Wilton! {click on picture for extra large view}

This is a chart that tells you what designs you can make on your cupcakes/cakes with cake tips made by Wilton (the most famous baking brand in the world) 

Use with a ziplock bag, DIY parchment bag, or real pastry bag!


no-bake tiramisu parfaits


Bourbon Tiramisu

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